Multi-Fund Structure

The Multi-Fund Structure for RSA Funds otherwise known as the Life-Cycle Investment Structure was conceived by the Commission to align contributors’ risk appetite with their investment horizon, at each stage of their life cycle.

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Fund I | Jul 15, 2024


Admin Fee: ₦100.00

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Fund II | Jul 15, 2024


Admin Fee: ₦100.00

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Fund III | Jul 15, 2024


Admin Fee: ₦100.00

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Fund IV | Jul 15, 2024


Admin Fee: ₦50.00

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Fund V | Jul 15, 2024


Admin Fee:
₦20.00 < ₦4000 Contributions
₦80.00 ≥ ₦4000 Contributions

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Fund VI | Jul 15, 2024

₦1.3803 (Active)

Admin Fee: ₦100.00

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₦1.338 (Retiree)

Admin Fee: ₦100.00

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NDPR Audit Recognition

NDPR Trust Mark Badge recently awarded to FCMB Pensions Limited
NDPR Trust Mark Badge recently awarded to FCMB Pensions Limited

Individual Pension Plan

The Micro Pension Scheme would cater for the informal sector which has been segmented into three broad categories; the low income earners, the high income earners (professionals – Accountants, Architects Engineers, Medical Doctors, Pilots and Consultants etc) and the Small and Medium Enterprises...

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Business Pension Plan

With the new Pension Bill signed into law, employers with at least three employees can now fully be part of the scheme. One of the benefits of this scheme is that it lightens the burden of workers’ pension and gratuity on the employer by means of regular monthly contributions. The workers’ pension is adequately invested...

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Data Recapture Exercise

Did you know that the National Pension Commission (PenCom) has directed that ALL RSA holders should carry out a data update exercise?


Useful Forms

  • Account Opening Form (RSA)
  • Forms For Temporary Access To 25%
  • Voluntary Contributions Instruction Form
  • Data Update Form
  • Data Recapture Exercise Form
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Some of our Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, you can update your phone number, email address and residential address via our Client Portal.

  • Kindly visit
  • Supply your username and password on our Client Portal
  • Click on sign in
  • Click on Bio Data on the left part of the screen
  • Click on update
  • Go to new information section
  • Enter the details that you wish to update in the New Information section- this could be phone number, email address or residential address along with residential state and Local Government Area.
  • Click submit update
  • After successfully updating your record, you would receive a notification "Data Updated Successfully" and an email will be sent immediately to your registered email notifying you of the record update carried out.

An RSA holder is allowed to transfer his or her RSA from one pension fund administrator to make a transfer to us, kindly click here

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