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RSA is a pension account maintained with a Pension Fund Administrator (PFA) followed by the issuance of a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) by the National Pension Commission (PenCom) and monthly contributions of employer and employee are paid in the ratio 10:8% respectively. 10 % Employer contribution and 8% Employee contribution.

You are eligible to enroll under the Contributory Pension Scheme if you work for the Federal Government, Federal Capital Territory and Private organization employing at least three people and State that has joined the Scheme. The law expects every employee to open and maintain a Retirement Savings Account (RSA) with a Pension Fund Administrator (PFA) of his or her choice.

An employee can move from one employer to another and from one PFA to another (when the transfer window opens) with the same PIN.


- Mandatory: Every employer employing three employees or more is mandated by law to open RSA for all her      employees with a PFA.

- Retirement Saving Account: The account is opened in the name of the individual contributor. The PRA 2014      allows a contributor to choose the PFA of his or her choice.

- Contributory: Means both the employer and employee will make monthly contributions into the RSA.

- Fully funded: The monthly contributions guarantee that the RSA remain fully funded to meet the liquidity              needs at retirement.

- Privately managed: Means the assets in the RSA are managed by licensed PFAs.

- Access to funds begins at 50 years or subject to terms and conditions of service, the contributor has a choice of either a Programmed Withdrawal or Annuity option to receive his or her pension benefits.

- Separation of custody of assets from management of the asset: This is done to increase transparency,                improve due diligence and further secure the assets of the scheme from manipulation.

- Strictly supervised and regulated by a regulator that has the power of granting licenses and enforcing                  compliance with PRA 2014.


- You get superior return on investment.

- Regular dissemination of information about our products and services as well as industry updates.

- Excellent customer experience.

- User-friendly and reliable service channels.

- Prompt notification on transactions carried out on Retirement Savings Account.

- Dedicated customer relationship manager assigned to you.

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